Your privacy is very important to us. If you elect to fill out the forms on our website, you will be disclosing to us certain personal and/or proprietary information, including name, address, phone number, and email address. Your completion and submission of such information is completely voluntary on your part. Stargazers Theatre and Event Center will not disclose your personal information to any outside parties.

Stargazers Theatre and Event Center does not sell our lists to any third parties and all contact information is used only for ticket processing and emails promoting specific events or offers. If in the event you are a winner of one of our contests, we will contact you directly for permission to use your name and likeness in any promotional materials.

Refund Policy

Stargazers Theatre and Event Center only processes refunds in the event of a postponed or cancelled show (Such as a weather/safety concern, or by artist request. In the event a party member cannot make it to the event, we will issue a credit toward a future show of your  choice. 

Stargazers Theatre and Event Center does not offer “Ticket Insurance”.

Terms of Use

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Liquor Policy

  • Stargazers Theatre and Event Center is licensed to serve liquor and can provide alcoholic beverages for all events. Stargazers Theatre strictly enforces all state and city liquor laws and codes.
  • ID’s will be checked for liquor service. No one under 21 will be served. Acceptable forms of ID are Drivers license from any state in the U.S, Canada, Mexico or U.S. Territory. Federal issued I.D. card from U.S. Military, Passport, Alien Registration Card, and Work ID issued by I.N.S. are also acceptable forms of identification.
  • No outside beverage containers of any kind are permitted to be brought into the building. (This includes liquor, soda, coffee, or water, as well as empty containers.)
  • No alcohol may leave the building.
  • Stargazers will not serve alcohol to any visibly intoxicated person. If a visibly intoxicated person insists on attempting to drive, we are required by law to call local police with the car’s license number.
  • Fake ID’s will be confiscated.
  • All of the above will be strictly enforced by the Stargazers Staff.

Our mission is to bring great entertainment to great audiences and to be a warm and welcoming gathering place for the community!

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