Stargazers Theatre Presents
Zeppelin Alive
Led Zeppelin Tribute
Zeppelin Alive
Led Zeppelin Tribute
June 17, 2023

Show Times

DOORS @ 6:00 pm
SHOW @ 7:00 pm
Zeppelin Alive consists of four highly experienced musicians and boasts a female lead. Zeppelin Alive brings the passion, excitement and thrill you’d expect from seeing the real thing in the 1970’s. They delight and impress in their craft of emulating the timeless sound of the mighty Zeppelin, and create a memorable experience every time they take the stage.
Performing songs from the entire Led Zeppelin catalog including some rarely heard classics, Zeppelin Alive faithfully recreates the variety of signature sounds Led Zeppelin is known for. When you step into a live performance you will feel the driving, powerfully Led guitar, bass and drum masterpieces as well as the equally diverse keyboard, acoustic guitar and mandolin gems, along with the Jimmy Page theremin and violin bow highlights. 

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June 17, 2023
7:00 pm

In-Person attended concert tickets, live from under the dome.

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